Providing Non-Medical Senior Services With a Personal Touch

Our staff are here to give non-medical services for seniors remaining in their house who require support from daily to monthly needs. We are accommodating for people with cognitive impairments and dementia

Contact Make It Easy Seniors Services to discuss your specific care needs, we can be there for your family when you can’t. 
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We Treat You Like Family - Warm, Trusted, Reliable Senior Services

We provide senior home care services that enhance the quality of life for all seniors regardless of physical and emotional challenges, disabilities and health history. Our services are tailored to each individual as we are committed to facilitating professional aid to improve every essential aspect of a senior’s routine. 

Our caregivers will be there to support your loved one’s everyday needs, but will also engage with them in their favourite activities, have daily conversations to eliminate loneliness and assist with ongoing household activities.



Money Management



Laundry Assistance

Pet Care

Seniors Companionship

Providing Professional Senior Support Services to Your Loved One

Ageing is a natural part of life and our senior support services ensure that our senior patients are prepared for all aspects associated with getting older. Age-related difficulties, such as chronic conditions and restricted mobility, can hinder your loved one from continuing their prior pursuits and passions. We are dedicated to providing on-going senior assistance while helping all of our clients remain independent.  

Reliable, Affordable, On Time

Make it Easy Seniors Services works to provide care custom fit for them instead of a blanket approach to senior care.


We accompany our clients to stores, appointments and social events to ease their experience.


We offer assistance shopping, getting mail and buying groceries as the effects of ageing can prove to be a negative effect on physical mobility.


We provide reminders and assistance with taking medications to ensure your loved one is healthy.

Money Management: 

We assist in the paying of bills on time and proper organization of tax information.

Pet Care: 

We understand that members of your family can be in the shape of a furry little creature with 4 legs. We take the utmost care of your pet by feeding them on time and taking them for walks.


If you are unable to drive yourself due to ageing effects, we will drive you or your loved one to the desired location and assist in proper vehicle entrance and exit.

Professional In-Home Senior Care

You want the very best for your loved ones and we do too. We understand that while seniors need help, and generally increasingly more so with age, many don’t want to give up their independence. We aim to provide help and care specifically fit for them instead of a blanket approach to senior care.

Worried your loved one might be isolating themselves due to lack of physical maneuverability and decreased self-motivation caused by getting older?

Make It Easy Seniors Services provides caregivers with a heart. We ensure your loved ones receive proper attention to detail, companionship and professional help to assist them in living a comfortable life.

If your loved one struggles with cooking, errands, laundry, household chores, or more it may be a good time to look into getting help.

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